Windows remote assistance doesn't work after Win7 to Win10


We have recently discovered an issue with some of my workstations with remote assistance not working.

We did an in-place upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and that is when remote assistance stopped working.

we had no issues with remote assistance before the upgrade and I have no issues using remote assistance on workstations that were a fresh Windows 10 install.

we have checked that the correct GP to enable remote assistance is applying (which it should since they get the same GP as the working Windows 10 workstations) and that the registry has it enabled. I also removed the GP and manually enabled all required settings (firewall rule, checked under system properties, etc), and it still does not work.

after that, I discussed this problem with my friends, but they are also no how to fix this issues,

Any ideas what else I can try?
thanks in advance for your suggestions.

Hello @Alfred1
I hope you have checked all the settings but you did not mentioned firewall programs options setting,
check this setting also if you didn’t check yet