Windows server 2012 R2 not accessing in Windows 10

Hello friends,

We have a Windows Server 2012 R2 that acts as a file server. I would like to share with a new user on Windows 10. Both computers and users are members of the same domain environments.

This is how I enabled the sharing in for a folder in my Server 2012 r2:

  • Properties
  • Sharing tab - click on share button
  • locate this user and add her
  • Security tab edit and add user here too
  • Permissions Read/Write privileges to Share and Security

when I type the network link by going explorer or in RUN to //servername/shared folder it receives Windows can’t access //servername/shared folder

windows cannot find the network device

I even tried to open the same network drive using IP address as //10.x.x.x/shared, Still getting the same error Windows can’t access //10.x.x.x/shared folder


Hello @Austin

You are using wrong slash
the correct path is like this
\\servername\sharefolder name
\\10.x.x.x\share folder name