Windows Server 2016

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We have a Windows Server 2016. We have users RDP into the DC (Inherited poorly configured server from previous admin), No virtualization in place for the DC. Users each have an account with their passwords to which they sign in to what is supposed to be their desktop. Their individual desktop. How is it possible that one user has a license for a free email client software and yet it will show that same licensed individual on a totally different user for the same exact license for that particular free software and the account or license for the first user was not shared with the second user, is this a permissions issue? an active directory issue? or a group policy issue? or none of the three?
We want each user to have an individual desktop experience. Before answering please bear in mind that we have plenty of licenses.
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Hello @Alfred1

Would you please share the error message or screenshot of error message.
It would help me to solve the problem.