WordPress wp-load.php file is crashing my Website


I am using WordPress version 5.4.2 and my domain is hosted by Hostinger. For the last few days, my website kept crashing and so I contact the support where I was advised to do a fresh install of the latest WordPress. As per their advice, I did upgrade WordPress to the 5.4.2 version. After upgrading the website worked but then 5 minutes later, crashed again.

Looking at the error that keeps coming up, it appeared that the file wp-load.php keeps going from 3kb to 0kb at its own will and this is then crashing my website?

Any suggestions on what needs to be done to solve this issue?

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Hi @Princeton,

You need to replace your wp-load.php files. Once you get the new wp-load.php file please follow the below method:

  1. Replace that with your current wp-load.php, then go into your cpanel, and go to files.
  2. Now inside files you select wp-load.php and change the permission from 644 to 444.
  3. If you are using directphpmyadmin make sure you select wp-load.php and DESELECT “move to trash” and type 444 in the number slot and click change permission.

Please let us know if the above process was helpful to you.