YOAST SEO plugin

Hello forum members! I have a question for Yoast SEO plugin tool. I tried to use it as I did in past few websites I worked on (Blogs) and now I cannot get it to work on a new site it seems. I tried to enable it everywhere but I do not get tools to be visible while working on a page. I even tried trough “Troubleshooting mode” but it did nothing to help me. Pic below shows what I am trying to click.

Its strange. It should work.
It seems Yoast SEO plugin is having issue with your theme or plugin.

You can try to troubleshoot it one by one.
Please access WP configuration file wp-config.php in your website root directory and set debug property to true.
define( 'WP_DEBUG', true );

It may show you some error message or any conflict it has with other plugin or theme.