Your File Wasn't Uploaded Because We Cannot Merge Changes Made By Another User

Are you getting the annoying error “your file wasn’t uploaded because we cannot merge changes made by another user” Check out the below guidance on how to fix this error.

Understanding the Error:

This error commonly arises when attempting to save a document to a server, but your edits conflict with changes made by others. It’s especially prevalent when multiple users collaborate on the same document, particularly if someone employs an Excel feature that isn’t fully supported in co-authoring.

Steps to Resolve the Error:

Save a Copy: To safeguard your edits, select ‘Save a Copy’ and save the file with a new name. Then, reopen the live document and reintegrate any changes not reflected in the server copy.

Avoid Unsupported Features: Some Excel features, like protection or data validation, may not be fully compatible with co-authoring. If possible, steer clear of using these features.

Delete Cache in Office Upload Center: Deleting the cache in the Office Upload Center can occasionally rectify this issue. To do this, press the Windows key, type ‘Office Upload Center,’ open it, navigate to ‘Settings,’ and choose ‘Delete cached files.’

Repair Office: If the problem persists, consider repairing Office through the Control Panel.

Update Office: Ensure both you and your collaborators are using the latest version of Office, or at least the same version.

Remove Password Protection: If the Excel file has a password, attempt to remove it to see if it resolves the error.

Creating a backup of your work before making substantial changes or updates is a wise practice. If issues persist despite trying these steps, seeking further assistance from Microsoft Support is a recommended course of action.