New Installed Windows 10 at 100% CPU usage?

Hey Guys,

I had this PC running for a while and I always keep it performing well now for some reason the CPU is running at 100% I did a full reset on it and no applications installed and it’s still running at 100% checked the event viewer and did some basic troubleshooting but nothing out of the ordinary checked drivers and everything is apparently okay but the clean installed this system 2 times due to this issue. Is there any chance Microsoft put out a bad update again?

This isn’t your old PC, its an Intel I7-9700K and 16GB of RAM so anybody got ideas to feel like throwing away this operating system in the damn dumpster and switching to Linux permanently buying a console.

I followed below troubleshooting steps still not helpful:

  • Windows 10 updates are installed now in latest updates
  • All the driver software installed and now in the latest updates
  • Disabled some service like sysmain, Windows search etc.,



Hello @SpencerM
Check which app is consuming cpu usage, in your image top one is using 33.2 percent. kill this app and then try.
You can scan PC Virus with updated Antivirus.


I think it may help you, please follow this link

Hi @SpencerM,

Please follow my instruction on this topic:

If the above wasn’t helpful then follow Aaron instruction.