Why my system is slow with windows 10?

I have a windows 10 system which I rarely uses in home like twice in a month. Whenever I login to the PC for last few months it gets hangs all the time so I that I was downloading/installing the pending updates but no. For last week I kept the PC ON for the whole week and when I login for last Saturday it still hangs not sure what causing my PC to go slow.

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Hi @CrazyFrog

1.Go to Take manager and check your CPU usage and RAM usage.
Find out High usage application and close it.
2.Make sure your Windows drive have more free space.
3.Install application like CCleaner or Malwarebytes to remove unwanted things in your pc.


Hi @CrazyFrog,

I assume you are meaning high usage in CPU and ram in your PC. High ram usage or high CPU consumption by windows 10 os may be due to some extra processes and features turned on mainly and sometimes due to outdated drivers in your system. So, follow the below steps and see if it was helpful:

  1. Update your drivers: Make sure all of your drivers are upto date. Updating all your drivers can also solve your memory problem if the outdated driver are the reason behind it.

  2. Disable Superfetch services: If you want to know what is superfetch and how to disabled it follow this detailed article What Is Superfetch on Windows 10? And How to Disable It
    Note: If you are using windows 10 version 1809 or above then you won’t see Superfetch services this was renamed to SysMain.

  3. Disable Apps running in Background to solve high ram usage:
    Why would any app run in the background, when we are not using them. Even if they want to update themselves, it can be done once we open it. So, better shut all of them off.

Go to Settings → Privacy → Background apps and turn all of them off.

  1. Turn Off screensaver.

Hope the above will help to solve your issue.


open run window and type temp and delete all files also open run window and type %temp% and delete all files

Thanks for all the suggestion. Let me check and come back to you.:grinning:


Hello @CrazyFrog

you can check task manager Start–>run–>taskmgr.exe->ok
and check cpu and memory usage

and step -2
you can use cleanmgr command to remove temp files created by system

step - 3 you can check virus with good anti virus.

step - 4 run msconfig command and go to startup tab and disable unwanted apps

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Hey there!
You can recover the last version you had before Windows 10
Go to settings, then update & safety, then recovery

Hi All, Thanks for your reply It turned Out this PC has disk bad sector issues. So, I have created a New topic Disk has a bad block at \Device\Harddisk0\DR0 . I hope I get all of your help to solve this.

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